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Request me on insta :)

In need of new instagram followers!!

Follow me! :)

Need me some follower love <3

Follow me on insta: hanierose

or send me some asks, that’d be nice too :)

Follow me on instagram!

I need new pages and followers! :)

Follow meeeeeeee I’ll follow back :)


Need more people to follow on instagram! :)

ig: hanierose

I need tumblr friends.

Any takers? Inbox me!

Garcinia Cambogia

Has anyone actually tried garcinia cambogia? I’ve seen tons of ads and articles about it, but I’m wondering if someone could let me know how that worked for them??

New background :)

It’s been awhile since I’ve changed it, but just got into the mood to change it today :) Enjoy :) x

Am I the only girl

that trims her split ends when she’s bored??


Hey followers C:

please go follow!

Her name is alibeth (what a cool name C:)

She is super nice and always follows back plus she has relient k on her blog.

k love you, bye.

how do i get rid of the annoying ‘reblogged to hanierose’ after i reblog? :(

i just downloaded xkit7, i’m a noob, help me?

am i reblogging everything twice

am i

I miss my followers :(

I know it’s been awhile, but I really miss you guys :( i miss the days so long ago when i got asks/anons :( send me some love?